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Long Span Shelving and Racking Services

Sydney’s Best Steel Shelving

Through 85 years of combined experience in our dedicated team, we are the only providers to call for any of your storage needs.

As part of our comprehensive pallet racking products and services, Pure Racking Solutions offers the best in industrial and long span shelving in Sydney. Our quality steel racking places an emphasis on strength and quality to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to the organisation of your business, while we are committed to offering our services at a competitive price.

Our flexible range of products can meet the demands of any business size, whether you need simple racking or a large-scale storage service. After expanding from our base in Sydney to include Wollongong, ACT and surrounding areas; we now offer services to Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

We install all industrial shelving and racking

Not only will we provide and deliver all products required, we will also fully complete any installations ourselves. This takes the pressure off your business as we work in the least intrusive way possible to minimise any impact on your usual operation.

If any existing systems need to be modified or removed, our team is fully equipped to do so safely and efficiently.

Highest quality steel shelving

We take pride in what we offer, and strive to ensure that you will receive only the best products available – that’s why our industrial long span shelving is made of superior steel and is independently tested and thoroughly scrutinised to meet Australian standards.

Come and speak with us

To help visualise your needs, come into our showroom and talk to one of our helpful team members who will guide you to finding the right solution for your business. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us on (02) 4648 4149 or at info@purerackingsolutions.com.au

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